Guest Post: To be known completely and yet loved outrageously.

I love this post! So true, how wonderful to be so completely known and yet not rejected, but loved.

Adopting Star

It was Friday, just after 5pm, the day had felt like an eternity, (as we knew the social work team were meeting to discuss who Star’s forever family would be,) and the phone rang.

It was Star’s family finding social worker ringing from the train station, because she wanted us to know, they had chosen us.


I silently jumped up and down in our study, barely able to take it in.

And then a new waiting game started. Now, we were linked. We were the only link they were progressing but they needed to find out more about us and we needed to find out more about Star.

Which really makes you think. How much do we really know each other and ourselves? How should one judge themselves? Should we present our best, cleanest, neatest, politest version of us? The person we hope to be and wish other people…

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